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What We Do

Aggregates, Sand, Gravel & Rock
Our sand and gravel is mined in Palmer and shipped to town by the railroad. The railcars of sand and gravel are unloaded at the Terminal in the Klatt Pit facilities area. The sand and gravel is crushed, screened, washed, and sold by the Gravel Processing Group in Klatt Pit.
Concrete Ready-Mix
Ready mixed concrete is produced at our Concrete Batch Plant, located on Lang Street.

We specialize in large commercial work, but no job is too large or too small.
Masonry Block & Stone
Masonry block, concrete retaining walls, and pavers are manufactured at our Block Plant, located on Highland Street off of Klatt Road.
Block products are sold out of our Building Materials Warehouse to customers throughout the State of Alaska.
Building Materials
Products associated with concrete and masonry work such as tools, epoxies, and curing agents are sold out of our Building Materials Warehouse located on the corner of Highland Street and Klatt Road.

In addition, this division sacks aggregates and concrete mixes in 60 lb. sacks for sale to hardware stores and the general public.

Dimond Fabricators, located on Lang Street, fabricates and sells rebar, wire, mesh, and fasteners throughout Alaska.

ASR is located downtown on Spar Avenue. ASR cleans fuel-stained soils that come from new and historical sites throughout Alaska. The clean, remediated soils are then reused in the construction market.

Pre-Cast Concrete manufactures and sells electrical and utility concrete vaults, manholes and architectural panels. PCC is located on Lang Street next to Dimond Fabricators.

ABI imports, stores, and sells Type I and III cement to customers throughout the interior of Alaska.

Cement is stored at the Anchorage Port along Ocean Dock Road and the South Anchorage Cement Terminal in the Klatt Pit.
Lucy Pit Disposal Site

Sand Lake Disposal Site
The Sand Lake and Lucy Pit Disposal Sites are located on Sand Lake Road and nearby at Kincaid Road & Lucy Street.

Both disposal sites accept construction material waste such as peat, clay, and ground trees, which are used to fill in an old gravel pit.
The new wheel wash keeps adjacent streets free of mud from the disposal sites
Asphalt and Concrete Demolition Recycle
AS&G accepts demolition asphalt and concrete, which is crushed at the Hazemag crusher located on Lang Street.
Maintenance Shop
AS&G's Maintenance Shop is located on Klatt Road next to the Building Materials Warehouse. Maintenance work on all heavy equipment and trucks, plus electrical work, is performed at the Shop.
AS&G's Administrative Office is located along O’Malley Road and Old Seward Highway.

Accounting, Credit, Purchasing, Operation Managers, and some of the outside sales staff work at this location.

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of the company and what we do for our community.

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