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DaytonLogoDayton Superior Pro-Poxy 2000 Normal Set and Pro-Poxy 2000 Deep Pour (LPL) are three-component, 100 percent solids, high-performance, precision epoxy machine grouts developed for the support of heavy equipment.

These systems combine a high-quality epoxy resin and curing agent with an engineered blend of graded aggregates to produce a flowing grout with even aggregate distribution.

When properly placed and cured, Pro-Poxy 2000 Normal Set and Pro-Poxy 2000 Deep Pour (LPL) provide a durable surface with resistance to chemicals, vibration and dynamic loads commonly subjected to equipment foundations.

Features/ Details:

• High early strength
• Excellent flow
• Longer working time
• High impact resistance
• Very low Exotherm
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Soap and water clean-up
• Tenacious adhesion to concrete and steel.

Pro-Poxy 2000 NS and Pro-Poxy 2000 DP can be used for anchor bolts and sleeves, supporting pumps, wind towers, mill tables, crushers, crane rails, large industrial engines, compressors, rotary equipment and other heavy machinery requiring a stable and energy absorbing base support to dynamic loads to maintain precision alignment.

 Product Number Description Size
  UNPRO2000 N1/2CF   PRO-POXY 2000 Normal  0.5 cubic feet 
  UN2000 2CF  PRO-POXY 2000 Normal  2 cubic feet 

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