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Holland Paver - Textured

This widely used design may be used in conjunction with other shapes or simply by itself. The Holland Paver can be installed in several different patterns as well as used for borders.

4.5 Holland Pavers cover approx. one sq ft.
Pavers are available in various colors per special order.

Holland Paver
 Size  8" x 4" x 2-3/8"
 Weight   7 lbs
 No./ Pallet 480
 Color  Gray/
Raven Black
Delta Wheat/

Holland Paver Textured Gray/ Raven Black


Holland Paver Textured Delta Wheat/ Brown

 Color Umber Brown/
Raven Black
Blush Red/
Raven Black

Holland Paver Textured Umber Brown/ Raven Black

  Holland Paver Textured Blush Red/ Raven Black

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