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Keystone Mini - Tri-Face

The Mini unit is a great solution for smaller, non-critical applications. It is easy to handle and easy to install. Makes for an attractive wall on its own or as an accent when integrated with the Standard or Compac units.

The proportion and scale of the Mini units blend well with brick and ledge stone typically found in residential construction. The unit is also used for the cap module to complete most wall installations.
Keystone Mini Stone - Tri-Face
 Size  18" x 10-1/2" x 4"
 Weight   55 lbs
 No./ Pallet 64
 Color Gray Tan Rose
 Prod. No.  KS 12422 KS 12442 KS 12462

KS Mini Tri-Face - Gray


KS Mini Tri-Face - Tan

 KS Mini Tri-Face - Rose

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