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Lythic Densifier


The Difference in Densifiers

The mission of a densifier is adding silica to the surface of concrete. 

Lythic Densifier with Reactive Colloidal Silica is 99.5% pure silica, suspended by charge repulsion in an ultra-low surface tension liquid by a proprietary, “green” manufacturing process.  It increases the density of the concrete surface, making it less permeable to liquids.  It increases the surface hardness, making it withstand abrasion and take a better polish. 

Lythic’s nano-sized silica particles react highly effectively with lime in concrete, and bond directly to silica already in the slab. Reactive Colloidal Silica even bonds to and hardens decorative cementitious overlays that are low-lime and do not react with silicate densifiers.

Lythic Densifier eliminates the problems of silicate densifiers.

  • Safer for Concrete: no “whiting,” even if over-applied.
  • More effective: fills the pore structure more consistently, and can even “rescue” soft or damaged concrete.
  • Safer for Workers and Jobsite:  It is 100X-1000X times less caustic than silicates
  • Speeds up project: No, scrubbing in, no overnight curing, no scrub off.
  • Safer for Environment: No caustic residue to scrub off and dispose of as a hazardous material. Shipped as concentrate to reduce transportation impacts.
  • Works Well on Overlays, too: bonds directly to silica in the overlay cement, making it stronger and more polishable.
  • Cost effective: cuts steps, reduces labor, high coverage rate, shipped as concentrate to save shipping costs.

Lythic Densifier is part of a system of advanced Reactive Colloidal Silica chemistry that establishes and maintains exposed concrete using on-going colloidal silica enhancement that becomes part of the floor structure.


 Product Number Description Size
BFLY 2001 Lythic Densifier  1 gal
BFLY 2005 Lythic Densifier  5 gal

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