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Mapefinish Wet Look


Mapefinish Wet Look is a one-part, water-based, transparent, high-gloss sealer designed for protecting concrete surfaces – from highly textured stamped concrete to smooth self-leveling toppings.

Mapefinish Wet Look utilizes a self-cross-linking acrylic resin that offers superior abrasion, blush resistance and slip resistance, outperforming most solvent-based acrylics and many urethane dispersions.

Mapefinish Wet Look is low in VOCs, low-odor, non-yellowing and permeable to water vapor, making it perfect for application on both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. With its superior performance combined with user-friendly application, Mapefinish Wet Look is an ideal sealer for concrete and masonry.


 Product Number Description Size
MP 3166 8000 Mapefinish Wet Look  5 gal

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