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Mile High Foam - Closed Cell Backer Rod

Mile High Foam® is a closed cell polyethylene backer rod serving as a backing for elastomeric and other applied caulking sealants. Mile High Foam controls the depth and amount of sealant required.
Mile High Foam® also forms the correct hour glass shape of sealant, assuring the contractor and owner the best adhesion and cohesion configuration possible.

For use in expansion/construction joints in concrete and precast concrete walls, floors, partitions, bridge construction, parking decks, curtain walls, glazing, log home construction, highway construction, and pavement maintenance. Mile High Foam® is compatible with most cold applied sealants.

 Product Number Description Size Packaging
 BA 100 1804 Mile High Foam 1/4" Diameter Roll
 BA 100 1805 Mile High Foam 3/8" Diameter Roll
 BA 100 1806 Mile High Foam 1/2" Diameter Roll
 BA 100 1807 Mile High Foam 5/8" Diameter Roll
 BA 100 1808 Mile High Foam 3/4" Diameter Roll
 BA 4502 9400 Mile High Foam 7/8" Diameter Roll
 BA 100 1809 Mile High Foam 1" Diameter Roll
 BA 100 1810 Mile High Foam 1-1/2" Diameter Roll
 BA 4503 9718 Mile High Foam 1-1/2" Diameter 6 feet stick
 BA 4502 9398 Mile High Foam 2" Diameter 6 feet stick

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