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Pecora 301 NS


Pecora 301 NS Silicone Pavement Sealant is a one part, ultra low modulus product designed for sealing joints in concrete or asphalt pavement. It has excellent unprimed adhesion to concrete,metal and asphalt substrates, superior weather resistance and remains flexible at extremely low temperatures.

Pecora 301 NS Silicone Pavement Sealant is a non-sag product designed for applications on flat and sloped surfaces.


• Reduces pavement deterioration by restricting surface water penetration into underlying base and sub base layers.
• Convenient one component, neutral moisture curing system.
• Ultra low modulus resulting in high movement capability.
• Ease of application with standard automated bulk dispensing equipment such as Graco or Pyles.
• VOC compliant.
• Primerless adhesion to concrete and asphalt.
• Aids in elimination of non-compressables entering expansion joints.


 Product No. Description Size
 PE 301NS  Pecora 301 NS  30 fl. oz.

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