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PU H100 Hydrophobic Grout

Spetec_logo For rapidly stopping water seepage through concrete, masonry and in sandy bases. Reacts with water into a tough polyurethane and forms a hydrophobic and chemically resistant barrier.

One component, hydrophobic grout designed for waterproofing in concrete, masonry structures and sandy soils, even when strong seepage or gushing water is encountered.

  • Adaptable reaction time
  • Reacts with water into a closed cell polyurethane
  • Forms a chemically resistant barrier
  • Good compression strengths in a very short time
  • Non shrinking or swelling
  • Solvent-free system
  • Crack sealing- non moving
  • High flow water leakages
  • Gas and water sealing
  • Tunnel face securing
  • Soil stabilization
  • Permeation grouting
  • Sewage pipe grouting
  • Manhole sealing
  • Membrane grouting

 Product Number Description Packaging
RES1 H100 PU H100  5 gal pail

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