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Rockite Cement Compound

rockitelogo Rockite Cement is a fast setting, hydraulic-type cement compound of more than twice the strength of fully cured conventional concrete. When mixed with water to a pourable consistency, it flows and seeps into place with an initial set within 15 minutes.

Rockite can be used to anchor bolts, railings, posts, pulleys, etc. It can also be used to patch breaks and holes in concrete, terrazzo, tile, brick and stone.

 Product Number Description Packaging
 HL 10001 Rockite 1 lb box
 HL 10005 Rockite 5 lbs box
 HL 10010 Rockite  10 lbs tube
 HL 10025 Rockite 25 lbs box
 HL 10050 Rockite 50 lbs box

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