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Siloxane WB Concentrate


Sure Klean® Weather Seal Siloxane WB Concentrate is a concentrated water repellent designed for dilution with fresh water at the job site. This solvent-free blend of silanes and oligomeric alkoxysiloxanes mixes easily with water to produce a penetrating water repellent ideal for application to dense or porous masonry surfaces.

An effective alternative to conventional solvent-based silanes or siloxanes, Siloxane WB penetrates and chemically bonds deep within the masonry substrate to provide long-lasting protection against water-related staining or deterioration.

Theoretical Coverage:  
Concrete Block: 30 - 100 square feet per gallon
Concrete:  125 - 200 square feet per gallon.


 Product Number Description Size
 PS 400250 1GAL Siloxane WB Concentrate  1 gal
 PS 400250 1QT Siloxane WB Concentrate  1 quart

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